Forces of Change

For Educators

Like the exhibition, the educational activities listed below explore the importance of soils and how they surround and support people everyday in both obvious and hidden ways. Life on Earth would not exist as we know it without soils. To order the Smithsonian bookmarks or copies of the videos on CD-ROM, please email us.

Dig It! The Secrets of Soil - Exhibit Activities

These activities provide a focused learning experience for families and school groups visiting the Dig It! exhibition. Each activity is printable and stand-alone. They help visitors dig deeper into the exhibit, discover how fun soils can be, and learn how to become soil conservationists!

New! Root Words Activity Sheet (PDF) co-produced with the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access

Cooking Up Soils (PDF)

Soils are Natural Resources - You Can Make a Difference (PDF)

Reading Your State Soil! (PDF)

What's the Big Deal About Soils? (PDF)

Printable Exhibition Guide and Floorplan (PDF)

Dig It! The Secrets of Soil - Extension Activities, Web sites and Books

These materials related to the Dig It! exhibition extend the exhibit themes, concepts, and science into your homes or classrooms.
These activities are stand-alone and do not require a visit to the exhibition.

Soil Science Society of America K-12 Teacher Resources (Web Site)

Soil Science Society of America K-12 Student Resources (Web Site)

Nourishing the Planet - Middle School and High School Curriculum (Web Site and PDF)

U.S. Forest Service Education Resources (Web Site)

NASA Soil Education Resources (Web Site)

National Sustainable Agriculture Soils and Composting Resources (Web Site)