Forces of Change

These activities extend the themes and content of the exhibit Arctic: A Friend Acting Strangely to middle school students, their teachers, and families.  Like the exhibit, the activities explore changes in the Arctic’s climate that are being observed by both polar scientists and polar residents—changes that impact the Arctic’s environment, its wildlife, and its peoples.  The activities also explore how the Arctic’s climate connects to our global climate system. 

These activities were made possible by funding from the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA).

Introduction to Activities and National Standards Chart (PDF Low Res or PDF High Res)

Activity 1: Eyewitnesses to Change (PDF Low Res or PDF High Res)

Explore change from the perspective of Native Arctic residents

Activity 2:  Changes Close to Home (PDF Low Res or PDF High Res)

Survey long-time residents about local climate change

Activity 3:  Arctic Heat Wave? (PDF Low Res or PDF High Res)

Interpret weather data to determine rates of climate change

Activity 4: It’s a Cool Color (PDF Low Res or PDF High Res)

Hands-on activity to understand the albedo effect on climate

Activity 5: Changes Ahoof? (PDF Low Res or PDF High Res)

Run a computer model to predict changes in climate on a caribou population

Activity 6: Ride the Arctic Climate Rollercoaster (PDF Low Res or PDF High Res)

Interpret geological and archeological evidence of past climate changes

Activity 7: Weather Words (PDF Low Res or PDF High Res)

Create word games using weather terms